Tiny House Design & Construction Guide

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tiny house design bookI just received Dan Louche’s book “Tiny House Design & Construction Guide”, and I can tell you, it has already been helpful.  It’s full of pictures of how to do things when building the tiny house.  It covers materials to consider, tools needed, and how to instructions.  One area I was confused on, was how to attach the floor framing to the trailer.  There are pictures and instructions in the book showing that.

I can see that I will be learning a lot as I go, but at least I will have the assistance of a friend with a building background and the help of this book.  We also have Wishbone Tiny Homes and their expertise nearby, which is going to be helpful.

I have already started adding to my tool collection for the building process.  I have recently learned there is a new tool library in Asheville where I may be able to borrow some of the tools I don’t have. The ones I can use later, I will buy.  Tom, my friend and helper, also has most of the needed tools.

Tiny houses are built just like full size houses, only on a smaller scale.  Most of what you need to build one is also similar.  We are now within two weeks of getting our trailer so it’s time to start thinking about these things.  There materials and tools to buy!

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