garybonnieWell, here is a picture of us, having fun with friends at a local restaurant.  We are Gary and Bonnie. We’ve been in Asheville, NC for about 6 years now as of this date.  This is home now after moving from Colorado.  Ironic that we discover tiny home living while here vs in Colorado where Tumbleweed Tiny Homes is located, and has been established there for quite a long time.  Colorado Springs is also home to the Tiny House Jamboree.

I studied permaculture design in Colorado back in 2002 and practice those skills here in North Carolina with my company Earth and Spirit Design.  My wife Bonnie has been an energy healer and teacher for over 30 years and runs the School of Peace here in Asheville.

Our goal with the tiny home is to create an investment outside of the financial system that we can touch and feel. Our initial plan is to rent the space, but have it available for us to live in if we ever need to.  It’s a moveable home that we will own.  That’s got a secure ring to it!

Just looking into tiny house living has been a lot of fun for me.  I’ve discovered new people, new communities, and tiny products I never knew existed.  Tiny house living is sustainable. A home this size doesn’t drain the bank account, like a large home with a mortgage would.  Maintenance is low, cost of utilities is low, and you can move it if you don’t like where you’re living.

Tiny house living is a movement that’s here to stay for awhile and we are enjoying becoming part of that community.