We Love Our Air Head Composting Toilet

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airhead compost toiletAfter much research and deliberation as to whether to install a flush toilet or a composting toilet, we went with the compost toilet.  We narrowed it down to two models, the Air Head and the Nature’s Head.  We chose the Air Head in the end even though it was about $100. more.  Air Head has been around awhile and used in a lot of boats.  I liked it because it looked solid, it had gaskets around the lid to seal tighter, and you didn’t have to expose the solids tank to empty the pee bucket, although, we ended up running a drain line from the bottom of the pee bucket to a French drain outside.  Now, we don’t have to empty it.  Air Head put in the drain outlet at the bottom for us before they shipped the toilet.

I am very happy I went the compost toilet route and that I chose Air Head.  It’s a well-built toilet and Geoff, the owner, has been very responsive to emails.

Hooked up correctly, it is a cinch to use and I have had absolutely no odor problems.  It’s ironic because just today, I spent the morning unplugging a flush toilet in my house that was clogged.  I had to buy a $35. auger to do this.  Compost toilets don’t have these problems.

So far I have made two deposits in the compost toilet and I have to say…it works great.  It’s nice to not have a pond of water to splash into when the load drops.  They say you can use it 60-80 times before you have to empty the compost.  We are a long ways away from that still.

I like not creating sewage.  A compost toilet is a lot cleaner and friendlier to use then one might expect.  airhead compost toilet

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