Choosing An Impact Driver

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impact driverIt has become clear that I will need to buy an impact driver for constructing the tiny home.  I have a power drill, but an impact driver has more torque, with no feedback to your hand when your using it.  There is also far less chance of damaging a screw head with an impact driver because it employs an axial motion that drives the bit into the screw head.  This also makes one handed screw jobs easier because the bit won’t jump out of the screw head as easily.

The big decision is what impact driver to buy.  As it turns out, to save money, I should choose the one that matches my existing battery charging system for my current power drill.  That happens to be a DeWalt brand, so, even though I would have made another choice otherwise, I’m going with the DeWalt impact driver for the sake of economy, and also because I have had good results from my DeWalt power tools.

So there you are.  The choice of impact drivers may well depend on what current power tools and battery charging system you already own, unless, money is no object, and you can buy what you want.

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