The Daunting Tasks of Installing Plumbing & Electric

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tiny houseThe most daunting task in building the tiny house is, for me at least, is the plumbing and electrical.  The very thought of cutting holes in the floor and walls for plumbing pipes is scary as hell.  You go to all the trouble to build a secure enclosed space, and now you have to violate it by putting holes in it. I’m not doing it of course, my carpenter is.  Just watching him drill a 3″ hole in my beautiful subfloor gave me shivers.   He has a basic knowledge of plumbing and as much as I would like to hire a licensed plumber, I’m trying to keep costs down.  Hope I don’t regret it.

The electrical is another story.  While everyone is telling me it’s easy, no sweat and anyone can do it, it sure doesn’t feel that way when I thing about doing it.  Just shopping for the electrical components is intimidating. I paid a licensed electrician to come out and consult and the whole thing got even more complicated.  I’m not sure what I will do here, but most likely I will attempt some of the wiring and call an electrician in for the more complicated hook up part.  I don’t know!  I would like to find an affordable electrician with tiny house experience.  Know anyone?  We’re in Asheville, NC.

Meantime, we continue on with the siding hoping to get it finished soon.  Other than the high temperatures, the weather has been cooperative.

Love my new Hitachi finishing nailer by the way.

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