I’ve Been Fired!

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I’ve been fired!  My carpenter has fired me and hired a skilled carpenter to replace me.  I’m just not experienced enough and the work was lagging on the tiny home.  Probably for the best, although not the best for our budget.  After firing me, an entire wall got built in 3 hours by the new crew.  That’s a good thing.

There comes a time when you have to accept your limitations and move on.  I have some general carpentry skills, but I have never built a house.  Building a house, even a tiny house, requires some building skills, and the more you have, the faster and better the project will move along. I saw the that the first day I was fired.

As the owner and the one paying the bills, I’m not totally fired, and it was voluntary, so I still get to do some of the work, just not the stuff requiring more skill and experience.  The main goal right now is the get the structure up and enclosed, or weathered in as they say.  With two experienced carpenters, we should be able to do that much quicker.  One wall is done, and others will be completed tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will also order the windows from Pella.  Why Pella?  I wanted fiberglass windows to keep the weight down and have durability.  Pella is one of the few companies offering fiberglass windows and the service I received from the Pella rep right off the bat, was excellent. The line is called Impervia.  While vinyl windows are lighter and cheaper, they are not as durable and long lasting.  You can also paint fiberglass windows which you can’t do with vinyl.  Wood windows are nice but heavy and expensive.  I’m trying to keep the total weight of the home to a minimum.  Remember, it’s on a trailer and may have to be moved one day.

Overall, I am pleased with the changes, but I will miss being more involved.  I do have lots of other things I can do and should be doing, like working on garden designs.


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