Laying The Groundwork

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trailer pad
Trailer pad being built

There’s an awful lot of ground work – grunt work –  to do, before the fun part of building walls and interior can begin. Step one was to build doors on our garage, to create a workplace we could use during inclement weather.

Step two was choosing the site for the tiny house to be built on, where it could remain there. Considerations were: shade and sun, a private yard area, parking, and access to electricity. Though we have an open field that would have been a nice location, it would have been too far to tap into the electricity. This is not an off-the-grid tiny house, though it has a few of those features.

The next step was beginning to prepare the area where the trailer will eventually sit. Gary tore down an old rusty metal shed on a cement pad that had been in our chosen spot. With the shed gone, the small concrete pad can be used as a patio area for the tiny home.  A patio will provide some much-appreciated outdoor living space.

The ground in our chosen spot is uneven, so we need to level it with a gravel fill. Now we will have to learn about gravel foundations. These pictures show us building some sidewalls to hold the gravel in place when it’s spread out. For the sidewalls, we’re using scrap pieces of wood that are laying around and some old logs to fill in the gaps.

Within 3 or 4 weeks, we should have a trailer parked in this spot to start working on.

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