All Lit Up Inside the Tiny House

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img_0808 img_0809 img_0810 img_0811Probably the single most satisfying thing that happened with the tiny house, was when we got the electrical hooked up and were able to light it up.  I couldn’t help but go out at night to admire how cool it looked with light shining through all of the windows.  It’s as if it came alive when the lights came on.  My tiny house Frankenstein, in a good way.

The electric, and the plumbing, have taken what seems like forever to finish. The plumbing is still unfinished outside.  I’ve used 3 different people to do the electric and 3 for the plumbing simply because I didn’t have the right people the first two times.  Third time was a charm.

This has been a crazy long project that seems like it has no end, but yet, the end is near.  We still have to hookup the mini split, get a water line outside put in, finish the bathroom, stain the cabinets, and get a gas line run to the tankless water heater.

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