Tiny House Trailer Hunt

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tiny house trailerFor portable tiny homes built on trailers, the trailer takes the role as foundation for the house. It is critical that the right trailer is chosen for the job. After researching the topic, it seems that the trailer is NOT the place to cut corners and save money.  Previously we’d talked about possibly buying a used trailer. Now we have scrapped that idea.

Gary went to a workshop put on by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses of Colorado.  There he got the full scoop on trailers, among other things. The four types of trailers to consider for a tiny house are: Gooseneck trailer, dove tail trailer, deck over trailer, and utility trailer.  There are a lot of ramifications to choosing each type of trailer, so if you are going to build a tiny house and haven’t given much through to a trailer yet…. now is the time to start reading up on them.
Our tiny house trailer hunt is over after talking with our friend Gerry Brown, owner of **Wishbone Tiny Homes** in Asheville, NC. It turns out that he has a trailer specially built for his homes that sounds like it’s on a par with the Tumbleweed trailers that we liked. Gerry’s trailer however, doesn’t have a $1000 delivery fee attached to it. That was our issue with the Tumbleweed trailer which would have come from Florida. Our savings will be about $800. With our specific budget, that is a significant savings.

This tiny house trailer is built 10″ lower and constructed of tubular steel, the strongest. This means more headroom and a stiffer frame with less flex. We’re getting a 24′ trailer at a cost of $6100. Pricey yes, but the foundation is the most important part of a home. Everything else depends on it.

Now we have to get the trailer pad area ready. That’s one area where Bonnie – who isn’t much of a carpenter – can pitch in with manual labor.

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