The Perils of Building a Tiny Home Outside |Rain!

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The variety of possible mishaps that await the builders of a tiny home is mind boggling. Creativity is a MUST, to deal with each new event.

Being good, well-prepared homebuilders, we bought two big tarps to fasten over the trailer, now that we have some of the floor framing down. Bungee cords hold them in place.  

Problem #1  How to keep the corners of the trailer frame from poking holes in the tarps.  Solution: fold up a rag and place it over the sharp metal corner before stretching the tarp over it. 

Problem #2 Light rain. The tarps held up well, and no water got onto the uncovered floor joists.

Problem #3  Heavy pouring rain all night.  This morning we went out and found that all the areas with any height difference – where the trailer frame was taller than the underflowing – had developed pools of rainwater, from last night’s torrent. The heavy pockets of water pulled the tarp off the sides, exposing some of the unprotected subfloor.  Solution:  Bonnie bailed water with a plastic bowl, while Gary sucked up water with the shop vac. We repositioned the tarp, but will need to place some plywood over the trailer frame, under the tarp, to prevent the development of pockets of rain, that pull the tarp off.

Live and learn! We are thinking that this project will eat up several tarps before it’s completed and “dried in”. 

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