Prep Work

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At last, it’s time to create a spot on the earth where our new Tiny Home will be built! This feels as if it’s the one activity that brings our idea of a tiny home into material reality.  It’s the equivalent of first breaking ground with a hoe, to create a new garden.

Because we need a solid flat surface to put the trailer on, we have to do some prep work ahead of time.  Our location has a slight downward slope that we have to deal with.  We cleared the spot where the trailer is going to go. That involved a lot of pulling up brush and digging up a bed of jerusalem artichokes that was growing in that space. Bonnie dug up the artichokes, so we can eat some and re-plant some in our new jerusalem artichoke bed that Gary planted. Now we have to prepare the future trailer’s spot.  That will involve putting down about 3-4 cubic yards of road bond ( a soil compaction aid, pretty interesting to learn about!) and 2 cubic yards of 3/4″ pea gravel.  All of that is going to cost us about $300, delivered. It took a little sleuthing to find the place that could sell and deliver for the lowest price. We will be doing the work of spreading it out ourselves.

Wish we could just pour a concrete pad!  That would have been ideal, but the expense was too much.

When it’s done, we will have a 10′ wide by 24′ long flat pad to park the trailer on.

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