The Coolest Wood Stove Ever!

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kimberly wood stoveThis stove is the coolest wood stove ever.  It’s on our list of tiny home products for the future.  For a tiny home, it’s perfect, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy and install one in our tiny home except for the price.  That’s the only thing holding us back.  It costs about $4000, and that’s just too big of a chunk of money for now.

This wood stove is highly efficient, can be installed 6″ from a wall, heats up to 1500 square feet, burns for 8 hours, and, you can cook on top of it and not burn yourself if you bump into the side of it.  Amazing!

I only wish I could sell if on this site, but I can’t.  If you want one, you can get it here: or directly from the manufacturer.  It’s the same price either way, but I would rather see the folks at Wishbone Tiny Homes get the business.

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