Our Tiny House Plan

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We have a tiny house plan!  After spending months poring over pictures and floor plans, we have made a commitment to a plan for ours. We want one where the bedroom can be up in the loft or downstairs. We may want to start out with the bed upstairs, but may choose to put it downstairs later, and use the loft only for storage, although it looks very cozy for sleeping in. This plan offers that flexibility. It features a sloped shed roof, which is both easier and more affordable to build ourselves, and, it will be easier to add solar panels to later.  That’s the final goal, but will have to wait for now.

Want to see it?  Here’s the floor plan for our new tiny house. Ta da! This is a design done by Wishbone Tiny Homes for the show, Tiny House Nation.  We won’t be using the climbing wall feature at all, and won’t add solar right away, but everything else should work for us.  When we met with Gerry and Teal Brown of Wishbone Tiny Homes, we talked about what orientation the house would have in relation to the trailer’s hitch and in relation to our site. We wanted to consider angle of the sun in the windows and on future solar panels, and access for getting the trailer onto the land and eventually off of it. After discussing all those variables, we figured out which way the trailer would be angled on the site, and which way the house would be build onto the trailer.

There are so many important variables that we’d never thought of before, such as those above! That’s why we are sharing our journey on this blog. It really helps, to hear about all the many details you have to consider, and plan for in advance.

tiny house floor plan

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