The Road Bond Arrives…in the rain

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roadbondThis morning the stone company delivered our truckload of roadbond gravel, to be the foundation beneath the trailer which is the foundation of our tiny home. The plan was that the truck would back up to the far end of the 24’ x 10’ bare-dirt space and dump some gravel, then drive forward a foot and dump some more, and keep dumping a little gravel every few feet. Our job of spreading the gravel would be pretty easy that way.

What could go wrong with that simple plan? Plenty, it turns out. The day began with an unprecedented downpour of rain that created flooding conditions in our neighborhood. The dump truck got lost, so we went out in the heavy downpour to flag them down.

Assessing the newly cleared space, which was by now a mud pit, the driver determined that he couldn’t possibly back up to the end of the space. His fully loaded truck would definitely get stuck in mud that deep. Our only option was for him to dump it all in a huge pile at the near end of the space. 

What this means for us is that we will have the pleasure of hand-shoveling the heavy, dense gravel, to spread it over the space. Since we both work full time and Bonnie has arm injuries, this means we will need to pay for someone to help us spread the gravel. Unplanned expenses keep finding their way into our project!

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    Watch the movie “Mr. Blinding Builds His Dream House” with, I think, Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. I think you will be able to commiserate. Good luck and thanks for all the ducks.

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