Why I Created This Tiny Home Website

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Why did I create this website? Because I like high quality. And because tiny homes have different requirements from regular homes.

As we began this journey to building our own tiny home, I started making notes about types of products that would be needed or desired. Being very particular about the quality of products and materials I purchase and use, I put a lot of time into finding the best products at a fair price.  I created this tiny home website to gather together, in one spot, as many as possible of the things I will need to purchase to build our tiny house.

Maybe the time and effort I have put in will help someone else who is building their tiny house to save time and money.  Maybe not, but it’s there for those who want it.  One thing I noticed while doing my research, is that there are a lot of cool products out there that I didn’t even know existed.  Like a compact washer and dryer in one unit, or a hammer that holds the nail for you while you’re starting it out.  As I find out about them, I’m sharing them with you on this site and I am parking them here for me to easily find again when I am ready to buy.

Building a tiny home, or I should say planning to build a tiny house is fun, adventurous, and I hope, rewarding in the long run. This site chronicles that fun and those adventures, and offers information for others who want to build their own home.

I consider every purchase for our home an investment in our future.  Come on along for the ride, and bookmark this site to refer to when you need something for your tiny house build.

One disclaimer:  I have not used all of the products you will see on these pages, nor do I recommend buying anything until you’ve researched it yourself.  

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